2020 was a hard year for many distributors but some rose above the chaos to reach amazing success. A recent Promo Marketing article revealed BAMKO ‘s 2020 sales for (non-PPE) promotional products grew by 11% with overall sales up 88%.

To be sure, there are many factors contributing to the stellar performance but one comment from BAMKO CEO, Jake Himelstein, revealed that one of the reasons for the growth was because “the company has spent years developing its sourcing capabilities.”

The ability to work closely with suppliers is a vital component to any distributor’s success. But who has the time? Enter the Vendor Relations Manager to save the day.

In this video tip, you will discover:

  • Why a VRM (Vendor Relations Manager) is vital to your future Growth
  • How a VRM increases your margin and customer satisfaction
  • How to get a VRM working for you at no cost

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