Welcome Sonoma Promo!

Sonoma Pins etc. was established in 1990 as the industry grew and transitioned to online shops and communications; Sonoma Pins would become Sonoma Promo. They have become more than an award-winning lapel pin wholesale supplier but an award-winning wholesale supplier of custom 3D miniatures, coins, medallions, awards, and much more. We are honored to add Sonoma Promo to our family of suppliers. They hold themselves socially and environmentally accountable to ensure that the promo industry will continue to thrive despite challenges.

Welcome AndWeSupport!

They are a remote assistant service company established in 2018! AndWeSupport has created a progress-oriented and cost-effective system to help distributors manage their workload. They specialize in bookkeeping services, order management, research, and presentation. AndWeSupport works with top industry distributors to capture, track, and fulfill customer orders. Sounds too good to be true? Give them a call and see what they can do for you!


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WePromo Welcomes Verisave

We are excited to welcome Verisave to our network of suppliers! Verisave will be an asset to our members who are looking to cut costs and become more efficient!

Our purpose: to secure a significant refund or reduce the average credit card processing fees for merchants by more than 25% — WITHOUT having to switch away from current processors or having to change anything about accounting systems or point-of-sale.

We are not a processor.

We help clients increase profitability by reducing their operational costs with zero risk, zero upfront expense, and zero disruption.

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Welcome, Bloomin Promotions!

Bloomin produces and prints handmade seed paper products right here in the USA. They opened their doors in 1995 as a small family business operating out of their chicken coup! Since then, they have produced millions of seed paper products and distributed them across the country. Bloomin is a certified B-Corp company, meaning they are devoted to solving social and environmental problems. Their process starts with post-industrial recycled paper, packed with seeds and placed in a handmade mold to create the perfect piece of paper.

Welcome IDline

WePromo is excited to announce the addition of IDline to our family! They carry a large variety of items including badges, buttons and pins, signs, decals, tags, mats, and more! They have an extensive website filled with tools for distributors, you can even download flyers, catalogs, and a sales guide. Angela Stevens is our designated customer service representative, her information can be found on their supplier page. We are excited to begin this partnership with IDline, for pricing information see their supplier page!

Welcome, BeauTela!!

BeauTela is a new supplier in the apparel industry, their garments are ethically produced in Peru. Their goal is to empower companies to become sustainability leaders through environmentally friendly garments. BeauTela has a WRAP and OEKO-TEX standard 100 certifications, they even have a sustainability calculator on their webpage.

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Welcome Bentcil to our family of suppliers!

Bentcil, founded in 1979, develops unique promotional products that leave a lasting impression. Bentcil created the first bent pens and pencils seen around the world, many of their products are designed by their team right here in the USA. Bentcil also offers other services like metallic printing and direct mailers. They strive to utilize the latest technology so that your product features eye-popping graphics.

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Delta Apparel has joined WePromo!

Delta Apparel has joined the WePromo Family!

Delta specializes in the design, merchandising, and fulfillment of casual athletic clothing and lifestyle products.  They carry multiple brands that make it easy to accommodate any budget, they also offer comprehensive “on-demand” printing and fulfillment. Delta is committed to creating a culture of sustainability and social responsibility while manufacturing high-quality garments.

Delta Brands:

  • Delta Apparel
  • Salt Life
  • Soffee
  • Callaway
  • To see the full list of brands Click Here


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Buying Group WePromo Selects ASI As Its Preferred Technology Vendor

TREVOSE, PA – October 13, 2020 – The Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) today announced that the buying group WePromo (asi/525901) has selected ASI as its preferred technology vendor for sourcing promotional products.

WePromo members that have an ASI account will enjoy all the benefits of ASI’s ESP® database with the added convenience of being able to quickly identify their preferred suppliers and their WePromo preferred supplier pricing within the ESP platform and on their ESP Websites™, making it simple and convenient for them and their customers to take advantage of those discounts.

WePromo members will also have access to virtually all of ASI’s business management tools for distributors, including ESP, ESP Websites, Company Stores, email marketing and catalogs.

“ASI is in an excellent position to support WePromo’s members and provide top-notch training and support through ESP, the number-one business technology platform in the promotional products industry,” said ASI’s Bob DeFord, senior vice president of distributor sales and marketing.

“ASI is in an excellent position to support WePromo’s members and provide top-notch training and support through ESP, the number-one business technology platform in the promotional products industry,” said ASI’s Bob DeFord

ASI’s ESP platform is renowned for its unparalleled data quality, which is further enhanced by having direct integrations with suppliers for real-time data updates and the ability to provide on-demand inventory levels right within the platform.

Chris Barrington, vice president of WePromo member services, said, “WePromo selected ASI for several great reasons: unparalleled customer service, dedication to evolving technology, ease of access and use, and their 60+ years leading the promotional products industry. We want our members to have access to the best services available so they can grow their business, and that’s ASI.”

WePromo launched in April, offering members no monthly fees to access dozens of suppliers offering EQP and better. Barrington said these specially vetted suppliers, some that are limiting access to other promotional products purchasing groups, bring value and variety to members and their customers.

To learn more about becoming a preferred technology partner with ASI, please contact Joan Miracle, ASI’s executive director of corporate accounts at jmiracle@asicentral.com.

About ASI
The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI®; asicentral.com) serves a network of 25,000 suppliers, distributors and decorators in the $25.8 billion promotional products industry. ASI’s flagship product, the technology platform ESP®, manages the industry’s entire supply and marketing chain. ASI also produces award-winning digital and print content, live events and educational programs that enable companies in 53 countries to be more efficient, productive and profitable. ASI’s Counselor® magazine provides the most authoritative business content in the industry, and the ASI Certification Program features 500+ live and online education courses for over 40,000 professionals. The company, family-owned and -operated since 1962, is proud to have been consistently ranked among the “Best Places to Work” in Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA.

About WePromo
WePromo is a promotional products buying group division of Universal Purchasing Association. It features suppliers in the hard and soft goods advertising specialty industry and business services needed by small-business distributors. Conceived in response to the COVID-19 economic situation, WePromo seeks to connect distributor members with suppliers who can assist them in growing their business. All at a dollar amount they can afford – $0. For more information or to join WePromo, please see WePromo.net.


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