Right now, the promotional products industry needs help. Distributors are looking for ways to keep their doors open. We started WePromo as a way to help folks in the ad specialties business during a very difficult time.

Yes, membership in WePromo is free, but there is a cost – in loyalty.  You “pay” by spending money with our suppliers… and increasing that amount year over year, growing your business. If you do this, you will continue to have free access to the supplier discounts and group specials.

WePromo will never charge a fee for access to the discounts its supplier charge. Your only cost is in loyalty to the suppliers, proven by your purchases through them.

WePromo is a division of a company that has been involved in the direct sale industry for more than 25 years, where strong relationships with suppliers have been a priority. These suppliers compete to be a part of WePromo!

Once you join WePromo, you have access to our supplier network on the member website. Each supplier has a page that outlines your discount and how to place orders. Just contact the suppliers by phone or email and let them know you are a WePromo member. That’s all there is to it.

Suppliers send us reports of purchases made by our members. We record these under your membership record. This is why it is CRITICAL that you make sure our suppliers know you are part of our group.  While we do all we can to update suppliers on our members, not all employees make use of the information.

To assist with this, you can keep your WePromo supplier orders in a separate folder. If there is any question about purchases, you just zip the file over to us.

There are several ways to ensure you are recognized as a WePromo member, entitled to our company discounts.

  • First, use the contact information that we provide for each supplier available on the private member site (you get access once you join). With high turnover rates due to the pandemic, new customer service staff may not yet know about WePromo.
  • When you call in to place an order, tell them you belong to WePromo. If they fail to recognize the membership, ask to speak with a supervisor or contact us.
  • When you place an order online, use “WePromo” as a coupon code.
  • When you use an order form, place the WePromo member logo (available here) or write “WePromo Member” on your paperwork.

Absolutely. In fact, we expect you will. We hand-picked the suppliers in our network that should be able to get you 80% of what you need to run your business. Feel free to buy from other suppliers for the rest.

WePromo offers suppliers who can assist with needs outside of products. Some examples of what you have access to:

  • Chipply has flexible online stores that you can create, stock, and personalize for yourself and your clients.
  • EVO charges on average .5% less than most competitors. Members save approximately 27% over what they would normally pay as a non-member.
  • ASI is offering members great packages for WePromo members.

A buying group doesn’t work if its members aren’t buying. We are planning a one year review for members to see if WePromo is a good fit for them. If you have not purchased anything a year after joining, WePromo is probably not working for your business and you will be removed from the membership list.

That’s OK with us. As long as you make purchases as a WePromo member with our network of suppliers, you can be a member of whatever group you like. But be aware that even though we notify all our suppliers that you are a WePromo member, some suppliers may require you to inform them in writing that you wish to use our discount instead of the other buying group’s arrangement.

Our supplier list is carefully vetted for the quality of goods and services. The final selection is based on niche category.  You may notice we don’t have half a dozen pen companies.  This is because you don’t need half a dozen companies to purchase pens.  You only need the company that can provide you with what you need for your customer. So there are a few suppliers in our group that sell pens – high-end pens, kitschy pens, and economy pens – of all types.

Our apparel suppliers represent every corner of the industry, from corporate wear to sport uniforms, industry specific clothing to national brands. They represent economy lines and high-end retail-inspired lines. Each has its place and each offers the highest quality and best customer service in the industry.

Business Services companies are selected by their reputation in dealing specifically with small-to-medium-sized businesses and knowing how to tailor programs to fit your needs.  Again, they offer the highest quality and best customer service in their industries.

Possibly. We are always looking for new supplier partnerships and deals that benefit our members.

Great pricing for promotional products is our bread and butter, but we do have some business services suppliers that can help you with anything from shipping discounts to cell phone services. We do not offer sourcing assistance, educational content, or other services at this time.

The membership in WePromo is free, but in order to keep your membership you must honor your contracts with our suppliers. You must make payments within terms with each supplier. If payment terms are not met your account will be canceled.