Welcome Paper Place!

We have been around for 52 years, we’re located in Dallas, Texas, and we print custom napkins and disposable cups. Our napkins are 3-ply and linen-like material, they are high quality. They are very consistent in size, shape, and fold. The weave of the material is tight and takes an ink/foil/or digital imprint very well. We offer 4 different sizes, and they are beverage, luncheon, dinner napkins, and guest towels. Our cups are predominantly screen-printed. We have a lot of different styles and sizes for a variety of occasions. Paper, Styrofoam, Soft or Hard Plastic – we have a style to fit your needs.
We pride ourselves on our customer service. We want to make certain you feel confident ordering from us, and we have a tradition of reliability. We do that by keeping our pricing on our website accurate and up to date at all times. All of our customer service team has updated information from our inventory. If you have an issue, we can solve it for you. We have several different ways to print. If you have any questions, we have people who will be able to talk you through the order and help serve your customer best.

Welcome All American Writing Instruments!!

All American Writing Instruments is proud to manufacture USA made writing products for the promotional industry.  Our products are sold exclusively through our network of distributors.
From the Garland® brand executive pen to value plastic pens, every pen manufactured by AAWI is manufactured in our USA factory using US inputs.  For over 80 years our sole business focus has been on manufacturing pens and markers in the USA.
AAWI products eliminate any concerns about of safety, compliance and origin.  You can trust where its made, how its made and when you will receive it.

Welcome Premium Branded Solutions!!

At Premium Branded Solutions our goal is to build a lifelong bond between the brand and the customer. Our team is dedicated to making sure our products are branded, repackaged, and sealed to perfection. Premium Branded Solutions is growing by the day, and we strive to be the promotional industry leader. Through hard work and building relationships, Premium Branded Solutions will be yours and our place to satisfy customers.

BrandWear United: Alternative Fleece Sale

Everyday styles are made eco-friendly! Please take advantage of this sale while it lasts! Now through March 2nd!


Welcome Savor

Welcome, Savor to our network of suppliers! Started in 2014 by two moms, Jenny and Karla, Savor creates homes for the things that matter most, whether it’s important documents and valuable objects or keepsakes. Our award-winning, innovative products bring high design to the corporate and custom space, solving organizational problems in a way that’s stylish, whimsical, and fun to receive. We transform an organization from a source of stress to a source of joy. We have become a celebrated, viral brand featured in most major media outlets including The New York Times, Vogue, and The View to name a few. We are also sold at many well-known retailers from Anthropologie to Nordstrom and Crate & Barrel. Perhaps more significantly, we’ve got a ton of popular buzz with more than 300k social followers and over 16mm likes on TikTok.

Welcome Apogee Commerative

At Apogee, everything is custom, we never charge for setups and 1 piece min order on everything we create.  We will do it all if you need assistance with an award project.  Why look for the perfect award when we’ll create it for you? Typical production time is only 7 days.

Apogee’s awards are created by our staff of skilled designers and craftsmen in our Minnesota production facility. We keep our production domestic and in-house, so our designs can be modified or altered in a variety of ways to meet your specific award requirements. You can let us know what your needs and budget are and we will tailor a custom solution for you. With the broad range of materials and processes we put at your disposal, we’re confident we can deliver the look you are after.


We are excited to welcome Apogee to our family of suppliers!!

Welcome PromoPulse

We take a deceptively complex problem – branded product marketing – and make it simple and easy for promotional product distributors. We have deep experience in both branded merchandise and technology and have been creating software tools for the promo industry for many years.


PromoPulse continually monitors social media for the entire swag industry and aggregates hundreds of new sales and marketing content items daily. Over 15,000 distributors use our free app, daily email, and web solutions for ideas, inspiration, and information. In addition, a growing number of distributors are using AMP, our automated marketing platform, to send supplier-produced branded product content to their customers.

Welcome Printgear Sportswear!!!

Printgear Sportswear Distributors is your single source for printable sportswear.  We are a business based on people before products, which is why we place great value on superior customer service. While our quality products from more than 20+ brands speak for themselves, we remain committed to our goal to exceed your expectations in both performance and service. Customer loyalty is at the forefront of everything we do at Printgear. Additionally, locations on both the East Coast and the West Coast allow us to consistently meet your delivery deadlines without delay. Whether you’re a promotional product distributor, athletics team dealer, screen printer, or embroiderer, give us a call today and we’ll do our best, so you look your best!

Welcome Hanes Brands!!!

We would like to announce our new partnership with Hanes Brands! Keep your eyes peeled for new updates about our partnership and what it means for YOU as a member!
A Message from Hanes Brands: For every customer, need, and occasion. Custom demands, rush jobs, and more, the last thing you need is a hassle tracking down the right apparel. We’re Brandwear United. Your single source for putting a variety of high-quality, eco-friendly, and consumer-right brands at your fingertips.
Hanes. Comfort Wash. Alternative. Champion.

Welcome AndWeSupport!

They are a remote assistant service company established in 2018! AndWeSupport has created a progress-oriented and cost-effective system to help distributors manage their workload. They specialize in bookkeeping services, order management, research, and presentation. AndWeSupport works with top industry distributors to capture, track, and fulfill customer orders. Sounds too good to be true? Give them a call and see what they can do for you!


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