Welcome Sonoma Promo!

Sonoma Pins etc. was established in 1990 as the industry grew and transitioned to online shops and communications; Sonoma Pins would become Sonoma Promo. They have become more than an award-winning lapel pin wholesale supplier but an award-winning wholesale supplier of custom 3D miniatures, coins, medallions, awards, and much more. We are honored to add Sonoma Promo to our family of suppliers. They hold themselves socially and environmentally accountable to ensure that the promo industry will continue to thrive despite challenges.

Welcome IDline

WePromo is excited to announce the addition of IDline to our family! They carry a large variety of items including badges, buttons and pins, signs, decals, tags, mats, and more! They have an extensive website filled with tools for distributors, you can even download flyers, catalogs, and a sales guide. Angela Stevens is our designated customer service representative, her information can be found on their supplier page. We are excited to begin this partnership with IDline, for pricing information see their supplier page!

The New Normal for Distributors and Suppliers